Allostatic Load

Inequalities in physiological wear and tear.

Currently working on developing a grant around work, allostatic load and health.

Robertson T, Beveridge G, Bromley C.


Allostatic load as a predictor of all-cause and cause-specific mortality in the general population: Evidence from the Scottish Health Survey


12 (8): e0183297

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Robertson T, Watts E.


The importance of age, sex and place in understanding socioeconomic inequalities in allostatic load: Evidence from the Scottish Health Survey (2008-2011)

BMC Public Health


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Delpierre C, Barbosa-Solis C, Torrisani J, Darnaudery M, Bartley M, Blane D, Kelly-Irving M, Getz L, Tomasdottir MO, Robertson T, Gustafsson P.


Origins of Heath Inequalities: The Case for Allostatic Load (Comment and Debate)

Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

7 (1): 79-103

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Robertson T, Benzeval M, Whitley E, Popham F.


The role of material, psychosocial and behavioral factors in mediating the association between socioeconomic position and allostatic load (measured by cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammatory markers)

Brain, Behavior & Immunity


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Robertson T, Popham F, Benzeval M.


Socioeconomic inequalities in allostatic load across the lifecourse

BMC Public Health

4(1): 184

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Robertson T


MRC Centenary Award

Research grant from the Medical Research Council, September 2012, £27,000