Guest Blog: Who watches WHO?

This blog was written by Megan Arthur, PhD candidate in Social Policy, University of Edinburgh. In it she reflects on her experiences as part of the People's Health Movement on the 'WHO Watch', where a team of PHM volunteers attends WHO bodies' meetings to follow the debate, talk with delegates and make statements following this.

The LEGO Teaching Philosophy*

This blog is about trying to articulate my teaching philosophy as I develop as a lecturer. After some reflections, I feel my teaching philosophy can best be described using LEGO (although sadly this is a written blog, so it’s up to you to get the real stuff out and play around with).

The Biology of Inequality and the Role of the Generalist

I trained as a biologist up to and including PhD-level before moving into public health and social epidemiology. One of the key roles I now fulfill (and enjoy) is acting like a match-maker, and sometimes a translator, for lab scientists and social and public health scientists to come together to work on research projects.

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