Extreme Events

What they are, how they impact on us and how we respond


•Interdisciplinary network of researchers based at the University Stirling. Currently there are 13 core academics involved in the group, led by Professor Al Jump

•We have interests and expertise that span the health, social, computer, and biological and environmental sciences, as well as arts & humanities and business studies. Meet the team.

•As a group we are interested in extreme events – what they look like, their impact and how people, animals and ecosystems respond. We don’t know when such events will occur, but we know that they will occur.  By understanding legacies of past events, we can prepare for impacts of events in the future, giving us the opportunity to increase the resilience of our social and environmental systems.

•Therefore it is essential that we collaborate around the world to gain as much information and learning from past, present and future extreme events that can be applied to other settings to best prepare and respond.