Health Inequalities Policy

What works to reduce health inequalities

Kapilashrami A, Marsden S, Robertson T


A right to health for the people of Scotland

In: Barrow S, Small M (ed.). Scotland 2021, Edinburgh: Bella Caledonia/Ekklesia, pp. 81-86.

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Frank JW, Bromley C, Doi L, Estrade M, Jepson R, McAteer J, Robertson T, Treanor M & Williams A.


Seven Key Investments for Health Equity across the Lifecourse: Scotland versus the rest of the UK

Social Science and Medicine

140, pp. 136-146

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Kapilashrami A, Smith KE, Fustukian S, Eltanani MK, Laughlin S, Robertson T, Muir J, Gallova E, Scandrett E.


Social movements and public health advocacy in action: the UK people's health movement

Journal of Public Health


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Robertson T (Working Age/Adult Life Working Group)


Open Space on Health Inequalities in Scotland Report

Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy, Edinburgh, UK

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