Public Health

Broader public health and epidemiology interests, including social prescribing, alcohol policy and disease risk factors

My work or comments have been featured in:


Winter deaths in Scotland at start of 2018 highest since 1986 amid huge spike in fatal flu

The Herald (2018)

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Football call to lift alcohol ban

The Times (2014)

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Alcohol ban at football matches must stay – experts

The Scotsman (2014)

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The 'Real' Stuff


Green MJ, Espie CA, Popham F, Robertson T, Benzeval M.


Insomnia symptoms as a cause of type 2 diabetes Incidence: a 20 year cohort study

BMC Psychiatry


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Social Prescribing and Supported Self Management: A Toolkit to Build Capacity in Local Communities and Service Systems


NHS Health Scotland (as part of the Building Capacity sub-group of the Self-Management and Social Prescribing Advisory Group

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Robertson T, Frank J, Jepson R.


Lifting the ban on alcohol at Scottish football matches – an own goal for public health progress?

Journal of Public Health

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Robertson T, Benzeval M.


Do mismatches between pre- and post-natal conditions influence adult physiological functioning?


9(1): e86953

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